How To Legally Force Prospects To Buy Or Join Your Home Business Quickly Part II

You can do this by over delivering on the information you have for your market. This will show
your prospects that you are an expert and a friend worthy of patronage. Online, reputation is
the only single thing that can help you to make incredible number of sales each month.

Now the only way you can get that is by using a well designed squeeze page that has an opt-in
form right in the middle of it with bulleted points for the benefits of a give away that can be
downloaded right away by your visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

Once you achieve this, you should use a double opt in for this purpose to reduce spam
complaints from people who may want your products and enter some else’s email address.
With a double opt in, each of the person who subscribes is genuine because they will go back to their inbox and click on a confirmation link to receive information from you.

This is the type of people you need. People who will look forward to getting your messages
day in and day out.

Learn to respect everyone on your list, and desist from sending junk to people’s inboxes.
Whatever you send out must have an overall boost to your credibility. What I mean is your
information must be relevant.

When you give away good information regularly, you force your clients to trust you enough to
get your recommendations each time you make one. That way you get them to reply you with
any information that might help you in determining their needs and supplying them with it.

So what I will say is, if you have a home business, learn how to build relationship online.
Marketing in our time means you have to build relationship with a whole lot of people

Are You to Blame for Email Spam?

Spam has been a problem for over a decade and plagues literally everyone who uses the Internet these days. From free email accounts to highly protected corporate servers, spam finds it way into our everyday lives. Spam has gotten so bad that even free email accounts offer some form of spam protection.

An industry was born when this stubborn form of unsolicited advertising started it’s ruthless assault on the world’s inboxes. Anti-spam software went off the shelves upon it’s first arrival as savvy surfers realized that they couldn’t take the intrusive emailings any longer.

While anti-spam software is still utilized today spam still finds it’s way into your inbox unless you decide to be a complete hermit and ban email altogether. With anti-spam software you may also find that many awaited emails may get trapped in the spam box, and even worse, accidentally deleted.

Software may help your situation, but a majority of the problem actually lies within you. If you have signed up for newsletters, more information on a money making opportunity, or signed up for a paid to survey site you more than likely have already set you inbox up for a total ambush.

When signing up for anything online, make sure you read all the terms and conditions in regards to releasing your information. Many companies make money by selling or renting a list of emails to companies and sometimes crooks. The more your email is put into forms, the more chances you have at having your email attacked. If you frequently sign up for offers and deals, you are probably setting yourself up.

When signing up for offers online one step is to uncheck any boxes that state an offer to receive third party emails. Third party emails will be considered permission based and legal however you may find you get more than you bargained for, so be forewarned.

Always read the fine print that lets you know the legal details of your submitted email address. Most sites will state they will not resell your email to anyone and while it may be true, it may also be false. Examine the site requesting your information, if it seems shady and your unsure of the integrity of the site, leave it alone.

Beware of money making and work at home sites that are vague in their descriptions of the opportunity. Many of times these sites will ask you to give your email to them before sending you your money making information. What happens with many of these sites is that they are in the business of selling leads, in this case, your information.

I am not saying these sites necessarily sell your information to criminals, but they do offer the leads as MLM leads for other work at home people needing to recruit new members. When they mention you will be contacted shortly by a representative, they mean several people with MLM opportunities.

Many of times these kinds of leads get funneled down as buyers loose interest and are resold to less savory characters at a far lesser price. It is when this happens the quality of emails will really deteriorate and begin to become annoying and possibly harmful.

There are other methods of creating email databases to spam. Some spammers will use randomizing software that randomly creates emails and many of us win the lucky lottery on this method regardless of how we guard our addresses.

All in all spam is nothing that will be disappearing tomorrow. It is up to you ultimately however to protect your address as best you can to not become a victim of 100+ daily spam emails that some are victim to already.

Learn Simple Strategies That Will Stop Spammers From Bombarding Your Inbox!

Spam filter is the solution that most people resort when they try to steam the flood of junk mails and spam.

However, there is a problem!

First: Some spam will still get through.

Second: Some legitimate mails will be stopped as spam.

And that legitimate messages get caught in the spam filters is a big problem. It is a big problem for both the sender and for the receiver. If you use POP accounts on your ISP or use free email accounts like Hotmail you will sometimes be forced to use their spam filters. You are often not even told that legitimate messages may be deleted.

Why will they get stopped?

There are several reasons!

Spam filters may give red flag to an email simply because it contains words which the filters also find in spam messages.

Often newsletters you sign up to get blocked because too many messages are sent out at the same time or some subscriber have complained accusing the sender of spamming. The rules of the spam filters changes over time as this is an ever going arms race between the spammers and the anti spam filter manufacturer.

So how can you stop the flood of spam hitting your email account?

Simple, you have to go stealth!

Look at email spamming as a war.

Using spam filters is like putting on armor. It gives you protection, but it will also cost you and give you less flexibility.

The spam sending gangs, there are estimated to be fewer than hundred worldwide, machine gun bombard only email accounts which they can find.

This means that if they can’t find your email address they can’t spam you.

So how do they find you?

Contrary to popular beliefs they don’t find your email address because you sign up to a newsletter or to legal product information.

Instead they collect or harvest email from web sites using spam boots. The spam boots works in a similar way as web content collecting search engine spiders except they only collect email addresses. They also collect email address from address books found inside email software like Outlook or Eudora. They do this by using viruses and spywares.

Your solution to avoid getting on their lists is to go stealth and become invisible to the spammers!

What do I mean by that?

Simple you hide your email address or addresses from the email harvesting spam boots. But at the same time if you have your own web site you want your viewers to be able to read or click on your contact email.

One common solution is to rewrite the email address on the web site.

Let’s say you email is: [email protected]

You can rewrite the address as [email protected], info @, or something similar. The email address is then readable by human viewers, not by the spammers. The downside of this method is that the email address is not clickable from your web site.

Another method which is preferred by commercial web sites is to use a contact form that also hides the address from the spammers.

One solution which I use and have found to work well is to hide the address from the spam boots with java script. The address then becomes clickable for the viewers. You can learn how to use java script and hide your email addresses from the spammers at

You should also use firewall and anti virus software as a protection so that spammers don’t get access to the email addresses from within your computer. As an extra precaution you should also use spyware removal software. This will remove possible spyware from your computer. All this measures should protect you from spammers and their spying eyes.

However, be careful! With this method in order to work you should adopt a strict email discipline and limit the number of people with access to your email addresses and not spread them around.

But, what if your emails already have been spread into the spammers mailing lists?

It is important to understand that the spammers want new and fresh email addresses.

Therefore they continuously harvest the Internet for addresses.

The answer is, use Google!

With Google you will find the web pages on which your email addresses are located. Just perform consecutive searches using Google typing in one of your email address in the search box.

You can then contact the owners of those sites and ask them to remove the email address.


The spam will not stop immediately, but after a couple of months the flow will start to recede.

Copyright 2004 Per Strandberg