How To Legally Force Prospects To Buy Or Join Your Home Business Quickly Part II

You can do this by over delivering on the information you have for your market. This will show
your prospects that you are an expert and a friend worthy of patronage. Online, reputation is
the only single thing that can help you to make incredible number of sales each month.

Now the only way you can get that is by using a well designed squeeze page that has an opt-in
form right in the middle of it with bulleted points for the benefits of a give away that can be
downloaded right away by your visitors in exchange for their email addresses.

Once you achieve this, you should use a double opt in for this purpose to reduce spam
complaints from people who may want your products and enter some else’s email address.
With a double opt in, each of the person who subscribes is genuine because they will go back to their inbox and click on a confirmation link to receive information from you.

This is the type of people you need. People who will look forward to getting your messages
day in and day out.

Learn to respect everyone on your list, and desist from sending junk to people’s inboxes.
Whatever you send out must have an overall boost to your credibility. What I mean is your
information must be relevant.

When you give away good information regularly, you force your clients to trust you enough to
get your recommendations each time you make one. That way you get them to reply you with
any information that might help you in determining their needs and supplying them with it.

So what I will say is, if you have a home business, learn how to build relationship online.
Marketing in our time means you have to build relationship with a whole lot of people