Can you go to jail if you get a traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets are usually harmless for an individual, but if..

Can you go to jail if you get a traffic ticket?

Traffic tickets are usually harmless for an individual, but if you are constantly getting traffic tickets law enforcement is going to need to conduct more extreme measures. Usually, the first step will always be suspending your driver’s license, and this will lead to the loss of your vehicle. If you still keep getting traffic tickets, this could potentially lead to arrest.

It is possible that you will have to do some jail time, but this depends on numerous of factors. However, the penalties will usually be increased to a maximum before you go to jail. As mentioned above, you will most likely get your driver’s license suspended before everything else. Always check if your license is available for use because more than often people are not even aware that their driver’s license is suspended. After a suspension, if you keep getting tickets the police will most likely confiscate your vehicle. You can visit many websites to spread your knowledge of what can happen if you get in these situations.

Penalties and violations

If you only get a single traffic ticket, fines will not be harsh. You will be able to handle the ticket without major complications. However, if you ignore the ticket, the law enforcement can and will increase the fines for it. If you are the one that pleaded guilty, you are the one that is responsible to pay for the ticket. If you don’t pay for the ticket until the deadline, the fines could even double. It depends on the state you leave in how much the penalty will be.

It is recommended and essential that you read the literature that comes with the traffic ticket so that you can completely understand what you have to do.

Issues with the license

As it is mentioned above, your driver’s license will be suspended if you don’t pay for the traffic ticket after a long time. However, you may not be even aware that your license is suspended. What can happen in this situation? If the officer stops you and you show him a suspended driver’s license, you are in a situation where your vehicle might be confiscated.

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In order to get your car back, you have to make sure that your license is not suspended anymore, that it is clear and free of any.

Jail time

If there is a warrant for the arrest, and you ignore the speeding ticket, the police are going to look for you. If your suspension of a driver’s license leads to police looking for you, you are in a situation where you might face an arrest.

However, the possibility that you will end up in jail is very low, but the option that you will spend some time in a local jail is also possible. Most of the time, you will just have to do a lot of community service in your area, but try not to take a risk. Read more about the example here.

Legal services

If you find yourself in a situation where you can no longer handle the consequences from ruining your driving record, you might start thinking to hire a lawyer that specializes in traffic tickets. This lawyer will help you to reduce the costs of your tickets and he or she is going to assist you to clear your record from further negative impacts. Usually people decide to handle it on their own.

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The legal representative is also able to negotiate and to make a deal that you get increased community service and no time spent in jail.


Even though the possibility of a jail time is very low, you may face some different consequences if you don’t resolve the traffic tickets at the time. You will be faced with complications to keep your license with you, to stay legally involved in the traffic if you don’t meet the deadlines. The worst impact for people who are involved in traffic every day, or for people who are vehicle operators, is the increase in the insurance prices. When you combine this with all of the other fees and fines, you will most likely decide to pay for your traffic ticket on time. There could be many consequences, so a smart thing will be to check out which ticket can get you in trouble the most.


Even though traffic tickets are most likely not going to put you in jail, make sure that you meet the deadlines and always pay for everything. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are facing jail time, license suspension, community service, or wasting a big pile of money.

Disclaimer: This is not a legal advice and the individual should always consult with a lawyer or an expert.