Bone-chilling murders that were never solved

People have killed. People will kill. It’s a fact and..

Bone-chilling murders that were never solved

People have killed. People will kill. It’s a fact and a nature of our own minds. The past century has been one of the most destructive centuries in the history of humanity. Two World wars, assassinations of presidents, serial murders, and many, many unsolved mysteries marked the last 100 years as one of the deadliest in our history.

There are so much more unsolved cases than there are cracked ones. In many of these horrible and cold-blooded crimes, there were no main suspects and no one was ever arrested for murder. Policeman and lawyers needs to be the best for arrested for murder cases like these

  1. The Babysitter

Between 1976 and 1977 four children went missing from their communities in Oakland Country. It is suspected that this cold-blooded pedophile and murderer have taken more lives, but only bodies of two missing boys and girls were found. Their bodies were found 19 days after they went missing, in Detroit. The mystery murderer wanted the bodies to be found and disposed of them in public.

All of the victims were kidnapped in a similar way when they were trying to get to a specific location. This psychopathic murderer had no empathy for his victims and they were all killed by strangulation or from a shotgun rifle, many of them were sexually assaulted.

  1. Jamison family deaths

Bobby, Sherilynn, and Madison Jamison went missing in October 2009. They went on a trip with a plan to buy some land outside of their hometown in Oklahoma. Their bodies were found in 2013, four years after they disappeared from their truck.

Their bodies were found three miles from where their truck was found and there are many theories on how they died. Some believe that they had a drug deal that didn’t go very well. The others say that Booby’s father is involved, and there are theories that they were sacrificed to a satanic cult.

The family believed that there are ghosts in their house and they took Satanism as a form of their protection from evil spirits.

  1. Stalker

In the May of 1980, a single mother Dorothy Scott went missing from the parking lot of a hospital. Her car was crashed 10 miles from the hospital. Dorothy had a stalker that was giving her threating calls and that was also in love with her.

Seven days after Dorothy went missing her mother received a call from the abductor that asked her if she is related to Dorothy. When she stated that she is her daughter, he told her that he has her. He started calling more often with the same message, until, one day, he called and said that he killed her.

Dorothy’s body was found in a bush by a construction worker. The bones were identified and a couple of days later Dorothy’s mother received two more calls when the unknown voice asked her if Dorothy is home.

  1. Men in the lead masks

On the warm August day in 1966, a young boy found two dead bodies in Rio de Janeiro while he was playing. Both men were wearing lead masks, suits, and waterproof coats. Alongside their bodies, there were also found an empty water bottle, a notebook, and two towels.

They went missing from their municipality three days before their bodies were found. It was known that these men had interest in spirits and ghosts.

The last person that saw them alive was a waitress that worked in a bar near the place where they were found dead. They came in and asked for water. The waitress said that they seemed in a hurry and very stressed out. The cause of their deaths remains unknown to this day. Read more about it here.

  1. The Springfield mysteries

Sherrill Levitt, Suzie Streeter, and Stacy McCall went missing from the Streeter’s home in the June of 1992. After a graduation party, Stacy and Suzie went to Suzie’s house where her mother Sherrill waited for them.

The next morning, Suzie’s and Stacy’s friends stopped to pick them up since they were planning to go to a water park. They found an empty house and reported to police that three women went missing. Everything in the house seemed untouched, they only found a broken glass but it was swept away by one of their friends when they arrived on the scene.

In the winter of 1992 someone called the police department and claimed that he has information about the missing women, but he hung up before he gave any information to work with. Five years later, a prisoner that was convicted of robbery and kidnapping claimed that the women have been killed and buried and that their bodies will never be discovered. He didn’t give enough information, so his claims were not taken seriously.