If You Think You Understand Letters, Then Read This

Importance of Pen Pals to Inmates. Drug addiction is a..

If You Think You Understand Letters, Then Read This

Importance of Pen Pals to Inmates.

Drug addiction is a problem the world is struggling with and there are many people who are dealing with this problem who are behind bars. Moving on, there are people who are incarcerated dealing with different kinds of struggles. Shutting them away is not going to help if they do not feel like the society likes them. Given that the inmates will be spending time with some of the most notorious criminals in the world, it is hard for them to be influenced positively. Pen pals provide a channel through with those who are free and can help the prisoners not lose hope . It is not a surprise for the inmates to be eager to ask if you can help them with money, send them gifts or even get legal help for them but this should not be what you sign up for, given that even the prison system prohibits such. Your main concern should be striking a relationship with the person to the point where you can be the source of hope as well as offer positive encouragement.

If you are scared of communicating to an inmate by yourself, you may choose to write a group letter. A great group to join in doing this is the community and church inmate pen pal projects because there is a facilitator who will be handling the mailing for you. Before you decide to forge a pen pal relationship with a particular inmate, make sure you have full disclosure of the crime they committed so that you do not have to battle your own feelings later. If you have strong feelings against the crime the person has committed, you need to sort through them because even those who are judged harshly by the society can easily change when they are shown some degree of understanding and acceptance. Whatever you do, you should not be friends with criminals who are dangerous and have no regret for the pain and suffering they cause to the society.

You ought to tread carefully when you find yourself getting attached to inmate more than being a pen pal friend. Some inmates will have sad tales but remember it is not your job to fix what is wrong with them but rather support them through what they are going through because once you take up their suffering you will be treading on dangerous waters. When you find yourself losing grip on the purpose of the friendship, it is time you sought help from a therapist or a support group. Note that every person in prison has their own personality and those who are remorseful for their actions can easily change for the better if they are shown the proper support and encouraged to become better rather than being given the cold shoulder.