Prepaid Legal Services Review and Blastoff – A Must Read For Prepaid Legal Associate

I am sure someone has already told you about blastoff on Facebook or Twitter. I was getting a whole lot of mails about blastoff everyday in my inbox which makes it annoying after a while. What is blastoff?

Blastoff can be compared to Facebook (at least that is what they declare). It is a website where you can meet people. You can customize it to whatever design you want it. You can personalize your page with the music, videos, blogs and shopping site that you want.

If folks that were introduced to blastoff joined, and they shop, you will get paid a percentage of the amount they paid. You will get access to more than 300 shops like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy or Starbucks. On October 12 when blastoff became public, individuals have the option to pick up legal special discount. A prepaid legal associate will obtain some kind of payment from blastoff. Just know this: Blastoff is just another way for prepaid legal associate to make some additional money.

Cons of Prepaid Legal business opportunity

In my judgment, Prepaid Legal business opportunity is ideal for you if you are a good sales person. Majority of the Network Marketers are not making money for this particular reason. Network Marketing companies usually preach that MLM is not about selling. I concur with that declaration. But you will need to grasp how to win over the people that you speak to so that they can check out your services.

I will bet that 95% of the prepaid legal associates have not used their services even though they are paying for it monthly. I do not think the Prepaid Legal services are that sellable. This is a tough economy period. The best product and services out there are the necessities that people will use anyway. Example of this would be a telecommunication services. Whether folks are employed or not, they will pay their phones bills and probably watch TV too.

Should you join This business Opportunity?

You have to determine the answer to that question. Can you attain financial freedom with the prepaid legal business opportunity? Yes. Though I believe you will some difficulties in selling these services. Prepaid legal has one of the best payment plan out there. To make any good money though, you need to develop your sales skills. But who says financial freedom is easy?

Another skills set that you need to refine is marketing skills. There is a proven method that you can use to market yourself in such a way that people will literally beg you to join your business. You should take advantage of the internet revolution. We have dozens of systems you can use on the internet that will showcase you to a lot of people everyday. You need an online MLM lead generation system.

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How to Avoid Legal Problems in Running Your Internet Marketing Business

Just like any other business, an internet marketing business is required by the law to comply with existing laws and regulations. It is important for an internet marketer to be aware of these laws because ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. However, unlike an offline business where the laws are usually obvious and clear-cut, it is difficult for some to distinguish between lawful or unlawful in the internet. This is because aside from being a global marketplace where laws differ from one country to another, some people use some tactics that might appear illegal to some while being appropriate for another.

Anyone interested in doing business on the internet should seek all the proper legal advise.

Because of this, it is always important for an internet marketer to let his visitors know where his business stands. But how can he do this? The most essential and most effective thing he can do is to place links business and legal notices to every single one of this page as a full-disclosure technique for his consumer. For example, the business notice should be inserted on the About US or the FAQ page of the website. Meanwhile, the legal notice comprise of the Privacy Policy, Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Copyright information.

If you want to view an example of how these notices are done, try to look over some established websites over the internet. These websites have all these legal requirements and more. Larger competitors may also have these notices so you can look into their format as well; remember that you should not copy because this is illegal as well.

Below are some of the things you need to put in on your website:

Business Notices

o About Us – this page should be about you or the company. You need to include your name, your company’s name, and a picture if possible. If you have partners on the business, be sure to include their names as well.

o Contact Us – this page should contain all relevant contact information. The minimum required data include the e-mail address. It is also highly recommended for you to include a physical location in this section as well so establish the credibility of your site. However, try not to include your home address for privacy reasons.

o FAQ – having a frequently asked question page will enable you to lower the number of queries to your inbox because most questions are already answered there. Encourage website visitors to visit the FAQ page before they send an e-mail.

o Affiliate – if you are using the affiliate method as part of your promotional program, you need to include a page where potential affiliate can get more in-depth information. Describe what your program is all about and what the affiliate can expect with regards to payment and support form your company. Also, you should let any potential affiliates to sign an Anti-Spam policy to avoid complaints from customers.

Legal Notices

o Copyright: you need to include your copyright information at the end of the page. The information should include the word “Copyright” as well as its symbol. Most of the time, visitors will immediately understand what it means but you can also include the clause “All Rights Reserved”.

o Disclaimer – this describes the extent to which visitors may use the existing data on your site. It should state the lack of liability for any harm or damage that the visitor might sustain if he downloads any data or file from your website. You also need to include a statement about the potential that the material he downloads from the internet may contain worms, spyware, Trojans, and other forms of malware.

o Private policy – if you need to gather personal information about your visitor, you need to include a privacy policy stating your reason for gathering this information. You need to assure them that their data will not be shared to a third party.

o Terms of Service – this will let your visitors know who is allowed to legally use your site. Include an age statement if your site is not suitable for minors.

o As you can see, it is highly important for you to be aware of the rules and regulations about doing business on the internet. This will enable you to avoid any legal problems and continue with your profitable business operation.

Illegal Inbox – Avoiding Internet Email Scams

One of the trickiest methods modern day scammers use to fool the unsuspecting public into
handing over their money and/or sensitive information is through the use of email. Internet email
scams are growing in number, and they are getting more and more stealthy in their way of doing
their deceptive business. Here are some of the most common email scams to watch out for, and a
few ways you can protect yourself from the fraud in your inbox.

One of the most successful email scams is called a phishing scam. Even a savvy web surfer can fall
for one of these if they are not careful. The scam goes as follows: The victim will receive an email
from, let’s say, eBay. The email will indicate someone has tried to break into your eBay account,
and thus eBay security has locked your account in order to protect you. All you have to do is go
to your eBay account, type in your name, password, bank information, and PIN number, and your
account will be put back to rights. Helpfully, they provide a link in the email to take you to your
sing in page. You click the link, put in your name and password, give over your bank information,
and your account is back to normal. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong. You’ve just been phished.
Though the email looks as though it was from eBay, and may have even had “eBay” in the return
address, it was not from eBay. And even though the page you went to looked exactly like your
sign in page, it wasn’t. These scammers set up spoof email accounts and replica pages in order to
fool victims into giving them, not eBay (or Yahoo, or AOL, etc.) sensitive financial information.
In order to avoid these scams, never click on an email link in order to verify your account
information. If you receive an email such as the one above, open your eBay (or other web
account) page in a separate browser from your bookmarks in order to ensure you’re actually
going to the right page. Chances are, when you get there, there will be nothing wrong with your

Another popular email scam is a variation of the old con game, “The Spanish Prisoner”. This scam
typically originates from Nigeria. The scammer contacts the victim, relating a story of a fortune
they wish to extrapolate from their country. In return for the victim’s help with American legal
fees and other such bothersome petty costs, the scammer promises to share a portion of their
wealth, usually in the millions of dollars. Of course, there is no money, and the victim winds up
out whatever “legal fees” they have wired to the scammer. Though the con has been around a
long time, and seems almost preposterously too good to be true, its popularity is due to the fact
that many people fall for this every year. Don’t become one of them.

Finally, there is the overpayment scam. This is the one to watch out for if you are offering
something for sale on the internet. A potential buyer will contact you, wishing to buy the item.
They will pay your asking price, no questions asked. The way they would prefer to do business,
however, is to send you a cashier’s check for *above* the asking price. You could then refund
them the difference, and they will arrange to pick up the item at a later date. The cashier’s check
clears, everything seems good, and you send along the difference. Then, the bank informs you that
the check in fact has bounced, and suddenly you are out the “difference” you sent to the scammer.
This one is growing in popularity and seems safe until you know the details. Watch out for this

These are just three example of some of the more nefarious internet email scams out there. Watch
out for anything in your inbox that seems too good to be true, asks for any sensitive information,
or involves you doing something in a way that seems off in any way. Chances are, it’s a scam.